Q) Do you make a gluten free pizza?

A) Unfortunately because we work out of a small, open kitchen where we make all of our dough daily with a gluten flour, there is flour residue in the air and on our surfaces, including our oven. We  would never want to risk the health and well being of anyone, so at this point we do not offer any gluten free pizza.

Q) Why is DOLA Pizza only sold at 20 Railroad House instead of the alleyway where it began?

A) There were multiple reasons that contributed to this change, Staffing is very difficult year round in Great Barrington, as well as the success that has come from serving in “20” was too much for our small kitchen to keep up with both venues. We miss it too, but we hope to see you in “20” soon!

Q ) Do you serve alcohol?

A) YES! 10 Taps, wines and a full bar at 20 Railroad Public House.

Q) Was Bunny really kidnapped?

A) No, she was just visiting some friends in Malibu. 

Q) Is DOLA the same people who own 20 Railroad Public House?

A) Yes,

Q) Do you deliver?

A) Not yet, perhaps at some point


Q)How many times did the Batmobile catch a flat?